It’s a new year, and the perfect way to utilise this fresh start is to take some time revamping your office building. It can become pretty monotonous working in a boring, plain office after a while, and you may notice yours and your employee’s concentration beginning the slip. It is important to move things around and add new touches every now and again to keep things fresh and new, and here’s how you can do it.

office building


  1. Get Artsy

    Most offices have a few large, blank spaces just begging to be filled. Get yourself a few pieces fiberglass grating and create a modern notice board for people to hang notes on, or hang up some bold pieces of art that reflect the tone of your office. It might be a fun idea to ask everyone in the office to choose a piece of art they love. The top three choices can be hung up on the wall. It will not only add a sense of color and life to the building, but it will also invoke a sense of community among your staff.

    2. Go Green

    Plants are known to be relaxing while they help keep the air in any office and home clean. They also provide a lovely splash of color and life to a room. Having a few small succulents around the office can make a huge difference to the way it looks and it will add lovely depth to your design. You can even get a large office plant and make a rota for people to water each week. This will make everyone feel involved.

    3. Lighten Up

    There is nothing more valuable in an office or a home than natural light. It can make a huge difference to the way your space looks and feels, as well as your ability to concentrate and get work done. When you are designing your office, make sure that you make space for large windows to penetrate the space. You may also want to consider placing your desks near the windows for better visibility during the day.
  1. Stay Organized

    The new year is a chance to get rid of excess clutter on your desk and make room for a few folders and colorful boxes. Get rid of any loose paper in your working space and place everything in neat folders so you can find everything easily. Clearing clutter will also help you keep a clear mind.

    5. Keep it Cozy

    It might seem like a strange idea to make your office cozy as if it was your home, but the truth is that we spend a good amount of time in the office. Provide your employees with blankets during the winter to wrap around their legs and comfy seats to prevent back problems and promote productivity.

6. Get Fun

Break out the colorful rugs, art prints and figurines! If you collect figurines and people in your office do too, invite them to display their figures on their desks. Work doesn’t have to be totally straight-laced. Let your employees bring a bit of their personalities into the space.

7. Notebooks Everywhere

It is surprising how motivated we are to write notes when we have a beautiful notebook. Get yourself and your employees pretty notebooks for their desks that they will love having on display.

8. Update Your Inspiration

Make space on your desk for a board where you can hang inspirational quotes, clippings and images that make you want to strive to be the best you can be. Always keep magazines close by for a bit of inspiration when you are feeling a little blocked.

9. Positive Vibes

Not everyone believes in the healing powers of crystals, but if you do, make a space on your desk to add crystals to improve your mood and productivity. You can also use them as handy paperweights when you need them.

10. Candles

It might seem a little odd to light candles in the office, but if you are allowed, it can be a great way to lift the senses and keep you comfortable and focused at work. Lighting a candle with your favorite scent burning as you work can be a mood booster. In turn, this could help you work more productively, which will make you feel accomplished at work.