Home-based businesses are booming right now. Thanks to the extended reach of the internet, more people than ever are setting up from the safety of their home office. In fact, the number of Americans working from home has risen by 115% in the last decade. It’s easy to see why. Working from the comfort of your home seems like the holy career grail for many.

Even though working from home is great, not everyone sees it as the end goal. It might be that your home is too busy for business. Perhaps you can’t stand the idea of never being able to ‘go home’. Yet, the idea of breaking away from the big boss still appeals. What should you do?

In this instance, it’s worth setting up in other people’s homes. To put that another way, starting a mobile business. You’d still work for yourself, but you’d operate in your client’s homes instead. You won’t have to worry about screaming kids. And you’ll still get the satisfying feeling of arriving home each night. If that sounds like your dream enterprise, read on to find out about the top three mobile options.

Become a care worker

If you’ve always been interested in a care career, this could be the option for you. In an ever-aging population, the need for in-house careers is at an all-time high. Of course, getting families to trust you in the home of their vulnerable loved one can be tricky to start. Your best way in could be a home care franchise. You might want to gain some agency experience in the field before going at it alone. That way, you can prove that you’re qualified. Either way, getting into this field could lead to a rewarding mobile career.



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Freelance tutoring is another fantastic option. While many tutors accept students in their homes, clients will be happy to have a home visit. In fact, this could prove a benefit. Busy parents won’t have to worry about dropping off their kids. Bear in mind that it will help you get started here if you have some qualifications. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used your degree. Just being able to say you read English at a college level could ensure your first few clients. Their success could help fuel you further.


If beauty is your bag, there are plenty of mobile hairdressers out there. Busy clients will love the convenience of having you visit their homes. Again, some basic training is sure to help here. After all, your hairstyles are your marketing tool. If they’re bad, you’ll struggle to pull the punters. If they’re good, everyone’s sure to ask who cut your client’s hair, and that means more mobile business for you.

These options may not be as mainstream as the typical ‘work from home’ selections we hear about often. However, if you’re looking to start a business for less without working from home as such, this could be the path for you.