Motherhood is the biggest commitment that any woman can make in her life. It’s a piece of life that needs total commitment to learning. One side of your life is covered in being mommy: diapers, school runs, night time pacing, and more. The other side is all business: meetings, social media marketing strategies and learning where you can build your reputation.


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If you have children at home and you’re working from home, the challenges will be the same, but your business will always be unique. The key is to know what will make you a success and how you can propel your business into that success. How can you be a successful career mom?

Structure. A big part of finding success in your venture into the business world comes from the way you set things up. When you are at home and in mom mode, routine is everything. You need to set short and long-term goals, define a schedule that works for you and your employees and limit your distractions so that you can achieve those goals. Having a solid system that works is going to help you get to the end goal far faster.

Sharing. A successful businesswoman doesn’t take on the struggle of a business alone. You may well be tempted to balance everything yourself, but if you don’t get help, you could quickly find yourself drowning. Getting childcare help – or waiting until the children go to school – is an essential to help you stay focused. Another option would be outsourcing a piece of your business to an organization like Total Tech Team, which could make a massive difference. Your business tech may not be a strength of yours, and that’s totally okay – that’s the whole point of outsourcing. 

Learning. Balancing motherhood and a career with your own business is going to take a lot of learning. Self-criticism will do nothing for you. In motherhood and business, you have to take the positives and turn them into your fuel for success. All problems that you come across are nothing more than opportunities to grow and evolve into your new role. If you see it this way, you will be able to enjoy your new successes far more.


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Business and motherhood are a tough mix to handle and usually only the strong survive. As you go out into the business world, you will quickly learn how your new business affects the rest of your life. Your children get to see you grow and achieve as a person as well as a mother. You get to have a piece of your life that’s just for you and not for them. It’s a winning situation all around!