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When it comes to time-consuming and complex business tasks, it can often be worth outsourcing a company to deal with them. Popular services that get outsourced include accounting, marketing, IT support and legal advice – but these aren’t the only tasks you can outsource to another company. In fact, nowadays you can pretty much outsource anything. Here are just five things you probably didn’t realize you could outsource.

Your company mailing address

It’s possible to outsource your company’s mailing address. Virtual mailing companies take your post for you and then mail it onto you. Many of these virtual mailing companies have a central city location that can make your company’s address look more official. If you run a business from home, it could also prevent you from having to give out your personal address to clients.

Answering phone calls

You can also outsource a phone call answering service to take care of all your incoming phone calls. These virtual reception companies can handle general inquiries and sales calls, relaying only the most important information to you. This can limit interruptions for you allowing you to get on with your core tasks. It can also ensure that the phone always get answered if you’re often out of the office. Having experienced staff to answer your calls could also add an extra sense of professionalism to your business.


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Handling emails

It’s also possible to outsource someone to manage your emails. This could include replying to general inquiries and sifting out spam emails, forwarding only the most important emails to you. This could also help to improve your workflow while also ensuring that important messages are responded to in a timely manner.

Managing supplier bills

If you use multiple suppliers to provide stock or services, keeping track of bills could also be a cause of great headache. Outsourcing a tail management company could help to organize all these bills into one single invoice which you can then pay. The tail management company will then divide this payment among your suppliers for you. As well as making it easier for you to pay all your bills, it could make accounting easier as you’ll only have one payment to deduct from your taxes as an expense rather than fifty payments.

Managing employee inquiries

Having to deal with employee inquiries can also be an inconvenience, especially inquiries out of work hours. Whilst you still need to be there for you employees regarding some inquiries, it is possible to outsource HR companies to deal with holiday requests and payroll queries. In fact, you can outsource HR companies to deal with all kinds of employee related tasks from managing your payroll to building rotas to even training your staff. These companies can then communicate the most important information to you as a daily summary, saving you a lot of time dealing with these queries personally.