If you don’t already know how beneficial attending a trade show can be for your business, then know this – they’re an excellent way to build excitement about your company, get potential customers on board, and connect with other businesses. It’s not just a matter of signing up and setting up a stand; you need to know how to get people over to your stand. There’ll be no point going through all the stages of trade show prep if no-one stops by. To do this the right way, you’re going to need something special to grab attention. Below, we take a look at five smart ways you can get people over to your booth. 


Source: Pexels.com

Relaxing Spaces

There’s a lot of walking around at trade shows, a lot of small talk. If it’s an all-day thing, then it won’t be long before people are mentally and physically tired and eager to rest for a while. Why not let people take a moment to unwind at your stand? It’s easy enough to make it comfortable – just take along a few comfy chairs and a table. hey can relax for as long as they like, and then when they’re ready to jump back in, there’ll already be at your stand.

Interactive Exhibitions

Talking is fine, but not everyone wants to go through the same old conversations over and over again. You can make your stand exciting by incorporating an interactive aspect. Take a few iPads with you, and let people learn about your brand through games, quizzes, and more. This will also allow you to conserve your own energy: instead of repeating the same lines over and over, people can see something about your business and ask deeper questions when they’re ready.

Useful Additions

Trade shows are usually hosted in big spaces that aren’t necessarily designed for a working environment. As such, people often spend time wandering around trying to find a space to charge their devices. Take a look at Cell Phone Charging Kiosk – Exhibe, and attendees will be able to charge their phones while you chat. Wifi can be another issue; offer Wifi from your stand, and you won’t have any problems getting people over to your booth. 

Fun Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you’re offering something for free, then you’ll have plenty of curious people stopping by. The more fun it is, the more people you’ll have. Don’t give away pens – higher quality items such as USB drives or food, will receive much more interest.

Host a Competition

Finally, think about hosting a competition to win an even bigger prize. You’ll have plenty of people eager to enter, and you’ll get all the useful information you need such as a name and email address . That can be used later on for staying in touch after the event has ended.