So many of us waste huge time every day simply by not having efficient processes in place. We pay staff for the time they spend completing tasks that could be done much faster. We waste time that we could spend finding new clients or working on new products, doing things that we simply don’t need to do. Increasing the efficiency of your day-to-day processes could save you hours every week. Those same hours could be spent earning more or growing your business.

The best thing about increasing efficiency is that it’s easy. In most cases, it’s simply about monitoring your time and finding new ways to do things. Here are a few simple changes that you could make in 2018 to save yourself both time and money.

Install a Network

If you employ a team, installing a network can save you a substantial amount of time. Switching from individual computer systems to one big network can be tricky, so contact IT companies for help. The time and money invested in a network will be well worth it.

A network means it’s much easier to manage and share data. Everyone in your team has flexible access to the same data and files without needing to be at their own station or log on to a specific account. It also makes it easier for one printer, scanner and fax machine to service the whole office and it can help you to save a fortune on software.

Allow Breaks


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Hopefully, you are already giving yourself and any employees a decent lunch break. Scheduling breaks will actually help productivity and efficiency. Let them have a 10-minute afternoon break to get a coffee and a snack or to have a chat. This will reduce the time they spend chatting when they should be working and it will help boost their energy levels toward the end of the day. Even if you work alone, regular short breaks can help keep you focused and alert.

Use the Cloud

The cloud is a bit like an online network. Saving everything to the cloud means that your files are easily accessible wherever you are. Things don’t get lost or mixed up. They are easy to find and you will save time and money not having to print as many paper documents.

Reduce Meeting Times


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Businesses spend so much time in meetings, with a good proportion of this time often wasted with introductions and unnecessary chatter. Only call a team meeting when there is important information to share. Keep team and client meetings to a strict 30-minute time frame. After this amount of time, concentration and focus tend to dwindle.

Your meetings may take a little more planning, but with the right structure, you can easily get what you need out of them and everyone will leave feeling energized and informed instead of bored.

Morning Briefings

Whether you work alone or with others, it’s a great idea to spend ten minutes every day planning. Write a to-do list, assign jobs and set goals for the day. This is a great chance to make sure everyone knows what they need to do and that they can work quickly and efficiently for the rest of the day.

Applying some of these tips will help you increase efficiency and boost productivity within your business.