Setting up a side hustle can provide a number of benefits. You can make more money, learn new skills and perhaps eventually turn it into a full-time career. Before you rush into doing anything, you should think carefully about what you want to do. If you pick the wrong thing, you could end up wasting precious time and money. There are several important things you need to think about to help you choose the right side hustle and avoid making a huge mistake. Try asking yourself these important questions to make the best choice to fit into your lifestyle:

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By Investment Zen

Will It Really Make You Money?

For a side hustle to be worth your time, it obviously needs to make you money. There’s no point in spending your time on it if it’s not going to help you boost your earnings. It doesn’t need to make you rich right away, but eventually what you put into it has to be worth what you get out of it. You can easily end up doing something that won’t make as much money as you want it to – whether it’s a network marketing opportunity or a business idea you’ve had. You need to inform yourself and be realistic about whether it will work for you.

Will You Be Good at It?

You don’t need to know everything about your side hustle right away. However, going in completely blind isn’t ideal. You’ll have more success if you choose to make use of skills and knowledge that you already have. You will likely still need to learn some new things, but you’ll already have the foundation of your new side hustle ready to go. You can’t be good at everything, so focus on the things you know you are good at, and start making yourself great. Have a look at for skills that you can turn into side hustles.

What Help and Support Can You Get?

If you’re thinking of looking for a new opportunity you can work at on the side, you might want to consider what help you can get. You often need to help yourself, by looking for resources to learn from or connections to make. However, if you’re thinking of buying into a network marketing opportunity or franchise, you can find you get a lot more support. You can get all kinds of resources and materials, from business cards like those at to brand guidelines and sales advice. Even if you’re starting an independent business, you can access funding and support to help you get started.

Can It Become Your Main Hustle?

If you’re thinking about changing your life completely, perhaps you eventually want your side hustle to become your main hustle. It’s important to consider whether that’s a possibility before you do anything. Will you eventually be able to make enough for a full wage, and will you be able to keep growing your business? If not, what will you do?

A good side hustle needs to fit into your life, or you need to be able to make room for it. Decide what your goals are before you start anything.