There’s no denying that we’re making more and more of our purchases using e-commerce and an increasing proportion of these on our phones (which is why it’s a great idea for your business to have an app or at the very least a website that facilitates e-commerce), but there’s still a huge demand for good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores. While there’s still a huge public appetite for the physical act of shopping, does your business have what it takes to draw foot traffic in off the street to check out your merchandise?


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It’s important that you have an effective digital marketing strategy and invest time into interacting with loyal customers and prospective leads on social media. However, even with that effort, you could begin to notice that quiet days are becoming more frequent or that people walk right past your store to your competitor. If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to spruce up your store to attract more business.

Would you care to step outside?

When we run our own business, we often race through the front door so that we can set up shop ahead of the customers. In our zeal, we can often miss out on valuable insights into our store’s exterior and what it says about our business. Perhaps the plants you place outside to bring a sense of liveliness and cheer are starting to look a little forlorn, and you need to get a mulch delivery to perk them up a little. Maybe you need to clear away the windblown trash that has congregated by the door or draw the eye to your store with a splash of color provided by a sandwich board or teardrop flags. These are all little things, but they can add up to make a big difference to your store’s curb appeal.

What’s on display?

When was the last time you changed the stock on display? Does your window display reflect current trends and appetites in your industry? Whatever the nature of your business, what’s hot and what’s not is likely in a constant state of flux. If you fail to demonstrate an ability to keep up with what’s popular in your industry, potential customers may pass you by. In other words, don’t underestimate the ability of a great window display to turn heads.

Establish your store as a destination

Some store owners find success in positioning signs and sandwich boards a few hundred yards down the street to advertise their presence. Some use high power jet washers or steam cleaners to stencil their logo or footprints into the floor (because you’re cleaning, it’s not graffiti). Building a path to your store is a great way to generate a sense of interest and intrigue among passersby. This will establish your store as a destination, adding value and increasing the chances that people will stop and take a look at what you have to offer.