Jacqueline Miller Head shot“Some people look forward to Friday. I look forward to every day because I’m doing what I love.” ~Jacqueline Miler

Jacqueline Miller is the mom of two sons, Founder of Jacqueline DuJour Enterprises, LLC, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, blogger, and a life coach.

When her children were younger Jacqueline admits that she believed that she couldn’t possibly pursue her dreams and be a great mom. After the sudden death of her husband in 2002, Jacqueline became “suddenly single” and so engrossed in being a single mother that she lost touch with herself.

In this episode Jacqueline shares her journey out of “the wilderness of her life” to MOGUL Mom, empowering women to pursue the life of their choosing.

Jacqueline’s Journey Back to Herself Began

Jacqueline became aware of her passion to work with moms during a conference she attended hosted by Lisa Nichols. It was during a conversation with Lisa that Jacqueline realized how passionate she was about helping moms not make the same mistakes that she’d made earlier in her life.

Jacqueline Cautions Moms to Take Care of their Health

Jacqueline recalled a time in her life when she neglected her health. She felt that she was too busy to care for herself, and later had some serious health scares. That was her wake-up call, but she doesn’t want other women to go through that. She encourages women, regardless of how busy they are with work and family, to make their health a top priority.

Jacqueline’s Biggest Regret

Her biggest regret was falling into the trap of believing that she couldn’t be a great mom and pursue her dreams. When Jacqueline’s boys left her home and she became an empty nester, she struggled with figuring out what was next for her. Now she coaches women and shows them how they can pursue their dreams while being attentive to the families. It’s totally doable!

Simple Steps to Help Moms Follow their Dreams

  1. Give yourself permission to pursue what you want

  2. Don’t allow mom guilt to creep in and make you doubt yourself.

  3. Seek out support and don’t try to do it alone

  4. Get your family involved in your dream so they can see what’s in it for them.

  5. Set attainable goals that get you closer to your dream.

  6. Connect with like-minded people who will encourage you and support your dream.

Jacqueline Recommends that You Read:

Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul: Timeless Treasures to Warm the Heart, compiled by Carla Hall & Laurie Grant

Jacqueline is a contributing author to this Amazon bestselling anthology. With stories written by more than 100 women from all over the world, this book will inspire you to know that you’re not alone.

Jacqueline’s Projects

She will continue coaching moms and has plans to host book signings this year. Jacqueline is very excited about her 12-week program, My Journey Back to Me, which teaches women the exact steps that Jacqueline took in her life so she could live her dreams.

Where You Can Find Jacqueline Online

Join her Mogul Moms DuJour Facebook group

Website: www.thejacquelinemiller.com

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Periscope: @mogulmomdujour

Jacqueline’s Parting Words of Wisdom

“Life is just too short not to love what you do.” ~Jacqueline Miller

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