Blogging has quickly become a viable option for making money or being able to create a career that balances home and working life. Years ago, not many people even knew what a blog was. Now a blogger can state an opinion on their blog and it can be seen as news. It is amazing how anyone can become an online influencer with the right skills and passion for their niche. So how do you turn a blog into a money-making business that will enable you to live the life of your dreams? I will share some ideas that you could consider to help you thrive.


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Have your own domain

Many people who start off blogging choose hosts like WordPress or Blogger, that help with setting up their blogs. Using a free platform like Blogger will add the word, “blogspot” to your domain. People may be less likely to follow or take you seriously as a result.  Now, of course, this isn’t to say you won’t succeed, but would advise you to get your own domain and self-host your blog from the start. This will help you to build up domain authority, something that advertising and brands consider when they are looking at your online influence and reach.

Be conscious of what you put out there

You should be mindful of what you put on your blog or social media channels if you are genuinely interested and serious about turning it into a business. If you are having a bad day, sure, tell your audience on Instagram or Facebook. But do it tastefully.  Don’t jeopardize your readership for one bad day. You might also want to consider your blog posts and choose quality over quantity. Posting quality work will also help increase your readership.

Think of the possible options to earn an income

There are many ways that bloggers can make an income. They can create and share sponsored content and work with brands on their own individual advertising campaigns. Bloggers can use affiliate programs to actively promote products with links that pay a commission when a reader makes a purchase. Companies like WOW Trk have great ideas and campaigns to help you get started. Blogging income can be quite diverse, so make sure you look at all of the options available to you.

Be professional in your approach

Finally, be professional with your approach to your blog and your potential business. Think about what you want to share, plan your content in advance, and seriously consider making a schedule so you can produce content on a regular basis.

I hope that this has inspired you to consider turning your hobby blog into a fruitful business.