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When you are at the very beginning of your journey towards a successful business, cash flow can be difficult to manage.  Finding ways to ensure that you have enough capital to succeed may be tough. Even entrepreneurs who have saved hard to get the funds together can find that once they have made the leap, more money is required. Fortunately, there are lots of loans that you could consider from short-term business loans to cover immediate costs to longer-term loans that will assist you while you get established and grow your business. Before you decide what to do, here are three things to think about first:

Invest in Your Future

The key question before you take out any loan is always how will this loan give me an advantage in the future? This should be a straightforward answer, or it might be less clear. If you feel sure that having the money now will ensure a brighter future, this is a good reason to take out a loan. You also want to make sure that you can afford to make the repayments.

If you have just started a business and are in need of funding, a loan may be a good idea to get you going. Similarly, if you want to invest in your education through a course or create an office space suitable for your work, a loan could help you to invest in your future by making it possible for you to work better.

Growth and Expansion

It isn’t just start-ups that can use loans, larger companies looking to expand should also consider using loans to build their business and allow growth. This is a good idea if your analysis shows that your business opportunities outweigh the debt your will take on. If the revenue you will make after your investment (be that new office space, new equipment or staff) will exceed the debt you took on, a loan may be a good idea.

Be careful not to grow too quickly or aggressively, though. While your projections might show that lots of expansion now could be a sure way to a prosperous future, over-expansion could stretch your finances too far, causing you to default and potentially lose everything. Consult with a business finance advisor if you need help to decide whether or not expansion is a good idea right now.

Don’t be Tempted

Loans with preferable interest rates are incredibly tempting. They offer so much potential without ever showing you the downside of too much debt. While growth and investment into your business’ future are both important, you might also be tempted to overspend on things like your office presentation or hire more staff than you need initially.

Business loans are a great way to get ahead and build your business, but it is important that you do the math and work out what is best for you now, and what can wait.