In life nothing is assured and it’s never going to be all sunshine and daisies. There will be times when you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer or solicitor like those you find at Slater Heelis. These situations might be due to something you have done, or something that has been do to you. Either way, it can be a very real event. Whether that’s a criminal offence, a divorce or something equally as horrible, you will need some legal help. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of the law world and each different type of lawyer available. So here are some of the more common ones needed.


Nobody gets married with the plan to divorce, so a divorce lawyer isn’t really a person you have on speed dial. However, with over 40% of marriages ending in divorce these days, it might be a number you find yourself calling. If this happens, a divorce lawyer will be able to unravel the joint ownership of property between a married couple, negotiate on your behalf on monetary matters, and even help with custody agreements.

Criminal Defense

‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is a fact. That’s how the law works. It’s not up to you to prove that you’re innocent, but for the prosecutor to prove that you’re guilty. A good defense lawyer will convince the jury that the evidence against you is inconsequential. If you do find yourself standing accused of a crime, then you’re going to need a good defense.


When separating from your partner you might need advice, or someone to negotiate on your behalf about custody agreements. A divorce lawyer would be able to do these things too; however, if you’re not married, then they wouldn’t be the best choice during this tricky time.

Employment and Labor

If you haven’t been paid correctly, your contracted hours not being met, benefits being withheld, or even if a non compete or a non-disclosure agreement has been breached, then you’re going to need an employment and labor lawyer. Most unions will be able to recommend someone. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach out yourself.


If you have any sort of money issues that relate to the law, you’re going to need to contact a financial lawyer. They can specialize in business, family, or many other sections, so you just have to find the right one for you.


If you have a business, then you need a business lawyer. You might not need them every day of your life, but a business lawyer can easily handle all your affairs, give you advice and stop you from doing anything stupid. A business lawyer can negotiate sales and mergers on your behalf, and defend you in court if need be.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers get involved when you are in a car accident, a doctor misdiagnoses an illness, you had bad side effects from a prescription drug that they didn’t warn you about, you were injured by a defective product, and more. This is probably the most common type of attorney that you see advertising on TV, park benches, bus stops, and everywhere else.