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A substantial investment and hard work is required to host a trade show booth. However, when done correctly, the benefits can far outweigh this. From the planning and preparation to the day of the event, there is so much that needs to be considered. One of the best things you can do is learn from the mistakes that others have made, so you don’t make them yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the common errors you should avoid…

  • Your staff members are checked out – You have one employee who is typing away on a laptop. Another employee is talking on the phone. Who is going to be greeting the visitors? Would you venture into a trade booth like this?
  • Cutting corners with the design of the booth – The design of your booth is of paramount importance. Going for the cheapest solution you can find is definitely not the best approach. The design will determine whether people come to find out more about your business and your products and services, or whether they walk right past you. For inspiration, look at the designs of Studio Mojo as they created some incredible booths. You need something that is striking, stands out from other booths, is easy to read and communicates what your business is about.
  • Not following up – This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when hosting a booth at a trade show. Nothing diminishes your return on investment further than failing to follow up with people once the show is finished. Time frames for contacting leads may have passed and information could be lost. This is why it is critical to make a plan to follow up, and make sure you actually follow it.
  • Failing to plan ahead – This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised by just how many inflated budgets and missed deadlines there are when it comes to hosting at a trade show. You need to make a plan at the start, and then a backup plan, and then you need to go over these plans several times.
  • Not defining any goals – What is your reason for hosting a booth at this trade show? What do you hope to achieve? If you don’t establish any goals, how are you going to measure your performance? How are you going to know if the trade show was a success?
  • No social media engagement – Finally, a lack of social media engagement is a big mistake. Social media presents the perfect platform for promoting your participation at the trade event. From blog posts to short videos and photos, there are many ways you can promote your company to social media users.

If you can avoid the mistakes that were mentioned above, you will give your business the best chance of hosting a successful trade show event. Remember to plan ahead, follow up and ensure your booth looks incredible, and you can’t go too wrong.