If there is one thing that all businesses need to get right, it is recruitment. After all, the people that work for your business will make or break it. If your employees are not effective in their roles, you are going to struggle to reach your business objectives. Moreover, you can spend an awful lot of money if you are hiring and firing people all of the time! This is the last thing that any business owner wants, no matter what type of business you run, be it a consultancy firm or a coffee shop. With that being said, continue reading to find out more about the common recruitment mistakes you should avoid.

Relying too much on the CV – How many times have people lied on their CVs? Too many to count! Yes, a CV provides a good base for understanding what credentials the candidate has, but you should never rely on this. After all, there is always the risk that what the person has put on their CV is not exactly true. The same can often be said for references as well, which is why it is important to have an effective interview and to base a lot of your decisions on this. Your interview is when you will really get to know the candidates and whether or not they are going to be the right fit for your business.

Poor job ads – Often, the recruitment errors start before you even begin considering different candidates. If your job description is not very good, you are not going to attract the right type of people to your business. When it comes to job adverts, you really need to put together your ad carefully. You need to learn how to write a job posting that will attract the right candidates. Don’t merely copy and paste generic ads, like a lot of businesses do. Instead, be specific about what you are looking for. If you do this, you will have a much greater chance of only hearing back from people that are right for your job. Not only does this increase your chances of finding the right person for the position, but it means your time won’t be wasted either.

Rejecting an overqualified candidate – In the past, there was no such thing as a candidate that was too qualified. However, today, we are hearing more and more about candidates that have been turned away for jobs because they have too many qualifications. The reason for this usually comes down to the fact that the employer is afraid that the person will leave your business for a more challenging job or that they will get a better offer elsewhere. However, rather than worrying about this, isn’t it better to have the best person for the job that is going to bring your business the most value?

Hiring friends and family members simply to offer them a job – When people start businesses, they often assume that it is their responsibility to take care of their family and friends in terms of giving people jobs if they need them. You may even find that people ask you for a job too. However, you can’t simply give people jobs because you are asked. You need to make sure they have the necessary qualifications. Plus, mixing family life and personal life is not always the best idea.

Overlooking recruitment from within – The final mistake that a lot of business owners make is failing to recruit from within the company. There are many reasons why this is a good idea. First of all, these people already know your business and what you expect. Not only this but employing from within can help to boost your employee retention rates. People will see that there are opportunities for promotion, and this will encourage them to stay at your company.

As you can see, there are a number of different mistakes that businesses make when it comes to recruitment. Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding regarding what you should and should not do in terms of hiring people for your business. The importance of getting this right cannot be stressed enough. After all, if you hire the wrong people for your business, not only will you have a lot of hassle on your hand, but a lot of expense too.