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Many companies can benefit from a uniform, whether it’s something casual like a branded t-shirt or something more formal like a shirt and tie. Here are several reasons why you may want to consider bringing in a uniform.


A uniform discourages your employees from wearing clothing that might be seen as unprofessional. Even with a dress code in place, certain staff members may try to bend the rules, wearing clothes that might be seen as a bit laid back or racy by some customers – which could damage your reputation. With a uniform, there isn’t this leeway, giving you more control over how your company is perceived.

Brand identity

Have you ever walked into a store and not been able to tell who works there? A uniform makes it easy for people to recognize that you work for the company. You could add branding to make the distinction greater. Branding also has other advantages such as offering advertising on the go. If you’re fixing someone’s roof in a branded t-shirt, somebody passing by could see you. That person may be looking for a roof repair service and make a note of your company name. There are sites like http://www.theartdepartment.com/designer/ that allow you to design your own branded t-shirt. There are other options when it comes to branded clothing such as overalls or a name badge to put on a suit.

Health and safety

A uniform can also be implemented as a health and safety measure. If you work in construction, forcing people to wear health and safety equipment such as gloves, ear protectors and a hard hat could help to prevent injury and legally protect you too. Some companies supply equipment without enforcing that it needs to be worn, which could encourage employees not to wear it – by making it compulsory to wear this equipment, you won’t have people risking themselves out of peer pressure because other employees aren’t wearing it. Sites like https://www.seton.co.uk/ppe-1/protective-clothing supply this protective clothing. You could even add branding to this protective clothing, giving it a double purpose.

But what about the drawbacks of a uniform?

There are some drawbacks to introducing a uniform. Employees may at first see it as a punishment, so it’s important to not make them feel that this is the case – get them involved in choosing the uniform and listen to any concerns they may have. You don’t want your uniform to be discriminatory in any way, as this could draw negative attention. Forcing women to wear short skirts or heels could be seen as sexist, whilst not allowing people to wear religious items such as head scarves or turbans could be perceived as racist. There are cases where employees have made claims of discrimination for not being able to wear piercings. It’s worth discussing these issues with a lawyer if you think they’re going to be a problem – especially if a piercing or religious item could be a health and safety risk.