As aspiring entrepreneurs, quite often our business model is to open up some sort of shop or store. Whether you own a boutique selling clothes, a shop selling fresh produce or deli items, or simply a store showcasing your products, you want to make sure that you take the right steps to make your business a success. As you know, leases and overhead costs can be quite a costly investment to make. I thought I would share with you some factors that you want to consider when preparing to open up your shop.


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Scales that will be used daily need checking and calibrating

This may not apply to all shops and stores, but certain business models will rely on weight to calculate costs and total purchase prices. Things like fresh produce, fresh meats, for example, often need weighing to determine a price per pound. This is when you need to ensure that your scales are checked and calibrated,so that the weight is in line with factory guidelines on receipt and that you are charging the right amount. You can buy calibration weights to help with this.

The window display is crucial

If you have a shop front, then the idea is to entice customers into your store with the hope that they will buy. If your window display isn’t attractive, what will entice them through the door? A window display needs to look appealing and should showcase your best products.

Advertising when you don’t have a good location or foot fall

Not everyone can afford a store on the main high street, so you may want to think about how you can advertise your store. Perhaps posting signs locally in your area or in community Facebook groups to advertise could a way for you to advertise while keeping your costs low. You could also get heavily involved in community affairs or sponsor events to help get your business out there.

Making the most of an online shop as well as your store

The online world is taking over, so a great idea would be to consider making the most of your online shop as well as your physical store. Selling online means that you may entice people to come down to the store and see things in the flesh. It can be an additional advertising option and help you reach a wider spectrum of customers.

I hope that this these ideas will help as you embark on opening a shop of your own.