“We are the angry mob; we read the papers every day. We like who we like, we hate who we hate, and we’re all so easily swayed.”

The song lyrics above sum up customers. One minute they are loyal, and the next they see something they dislike and turn. This is especially true in this PC culture. When a business puts a foot wrong, there is no coming back from the mistake. The angry mob has gathered.

Sadly, it might be your fault and not the failure of far-left social justice warriors. Here are the triggers and how to stop them from escalating to the point of pitchforks and no return.

Automated Troubles

Businesses use digital services and automated messages to cut down on customer service costs. However, whereas you save a fortune, the consumer loses their time and their patience. Usually, AI struggles to pick up accents and can direct people to the wrong place. Even worse, it won’t answer the question that was asked in the first place. If you insist on automated phone lines, then test them first to ensure they pick up on human quirks. Also, train operators to be careful if customers have been on hold or dealing with a robot for thirty-minutes as they will be angry and frustrated.

No Alternatives

On the subject of communication, don’t assume that everyone is on the digital bandwagon. Yes, Skype and WhatsApp make it easier for millennials to get in touch, as does social media and email. But, it’s wrong to think your base knows how to use this tech. It might be that they are from a different generation and it causes them stress to tweet or send an email. Where possible, leave options open such as calling or writing a letter to include everyone. And, ensure contact details are readily available on the site.

Dodgy Website

There is no denying the company website will deal with the brunt of the traffic. Customers want answers, and they want them as soon as possible, which is why they turn to the site. So, when they expect an easy-to-navigate structure and quick load-up speeds and they get the opposite, they are going to flip. If they don’t call and complain, then they will bounce to a competitor. Please, hire managed IT services to take a look for flaws and potential problems. Then, use A/B and multivariate testing to maintain links and media to add to the experience.

Leaking Data

If there is ever an argument to hire IT technicians, it’s a data leak. Customers provide their sensitive info on the basis the company will keep it safe. When there is a breach and everyone can view their card details, they are rightly angry. Even a super-brand such as Uber couldn’t deal with the fallout and lost valuable street cred points. Business should secure info with encryption so that thieves can’t open the file even if they steal it. Also, you should think about using public cloud services.