If you dust off the trusty business vision that you wrote when you first launched your startup, chances are that providing exceptional customer service doesn’t feature, or at least, comes pretty low down on the least of company aims. What many companies don’t realize is that the success of any venture hinges on the experience provided to clients.

With the emergence of online review sites and social media, it doesn’t take much time or effort for a bad review to be shared. This one poor review among a sea of more positive voices can be the one that people cling onto and can cost your business. It’s up to you to ensure that customer service is a huge part of your business’s drive for continual improvement.

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Instant Free Marketing

With Facebook and Twitter et al. being millennials’ number one means of communication, it’s vital that you have your finger on the social media pulse. Your customer service needs to be top notch to secure likes, follows and positive testimonials that other potential customers can read. This positive feedback from genuine clients can lead to a surge in your company’s popularity, could put you ahead of your rivals in customer service and could see you gain an outstanding reputation for all the right reasons. Without spending a cent, you can have instant free marketing where people are creating an online buzz for your business without you having to lift a finger.

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Under Promise, Over Deliver

If you are at a bit of a loss as to how to provide exceptional customer service, consider the old adage of under promising and over delivering. If you provide a service or a product that relies on shipping, state that you will deliver the item in three days even if you know you’ll get it there in two, it’ll be on their doorstep sooner than three days. By doing this, your customer will have an expectation that you will then exceed. This is a great tactic to demonstrate to customers how you’ll go the extra mile and outperform your objectives.

Test out a rival company and see how they do in terms of customer experience. Order a product from their website and see how many times you receive an email updating you of your order’s progress, see if you get a text notification and discover if they exceed their delivery time estimate. You may want to adapt and utilize some of what they are doing to provide an exceptional customer experience.


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To provide an exceptional customer experience, your company needs to be consistent in its approach. Should you have a contact center that is handling calls from customers every day, it pays to analyze the performance of your team. If you click here, you’ll discover the value of a monitoring system that can enhance your operational processes to improve service quality. By training your employees and ensuring they provide exceptional customer service on each call they receive, you will be hitting the optimum consistency of quality client experience.

Customer service is vital to ensure that your business appeals to a wider audience and thrives in a competitive marketplace.