You’ve got a great idea for a startup, and you’re already bringing in new customers. But you’ve also got a family, a household to run and you might even have a side hustle going to keep the money coming in. Your hours are 5am to midnight 7 days a week. Somewhere in all that you need to run a rapidly-growing business. You’re busy, you’re tired, but you’re not ready to stop just yet. Of course, spreading yourself too thinly could spell disaster for one or more areas of your life! Perhaps you should stop a few of the things that are a waste of your time?

Opening Your Mail

Distractions are all around us. One of the biggest is that ping as an email arrives, or the post delivery coming in. There will always be something to distract your attention from what you’re doing. As an entrepreneur, you’re a finisher, so you’re not likely to be able to set it aside for later. Have someone else open your mail and take out all the things that aren’t essential to you. What’s left can be delivered to you at a specific time when you’re not in the middle of completing other tasks.

It’s so easy to find yourself what happened to the day, yet you can’t see what you’ve achieved. That’s what distractions do. They are small, little tasks that add up to hours of your attention taken away from bringing in the clients and money.

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Streamline what you do so you can focus on your key role. Image source

Workshy Computer Systems

Do you ever find that your phone, tablet, or computer simply aren’t keeping up with your pace? Workshy tech costs us a few seconds every minute. That adds up to hours of waiting each working week. Usually, it’s something simple like a shortage of memory from all the tabs you’ve got open! But using a ticket system  like IT support for small businesses solution can get rid of those problems without you having to manage them.

As the owner of a company, you don’t have time to “switch it off and switch it on again”. Instead, move to another device and leave it to IT support to solve the problem.

Sales And Marketing Campaigns

You should be concerned with daily results. You shouldn’t be the one setting up, tracking, monitoring and adjusting each campaign. A marketing agency should be able to handle all of that. A good one will automate a daily results email and send it to you so you can see how campaigns are performing without having to look for them. Entrepreneurs are very creative individuals. Chances are you know exactly what should go into a good marketing campaign or promotion. Leave the creation and execution to someone else, though. This frees up your precious time for the next big idea or for converting new leads that come in.


As the boss, you need to know the people working for you are talented, productive and a good fit. What you don’t want to waste time doing is writing out job ads and fielding inquiries. Head the interviews and leave the hard work to an agency. What tasks can you cut out of your day for the good of your business?