Going to college is always a great thing, but it’s seriously hard work. At the end of it, you have a well-earned piece of paper and your entire future waiting for you. But for many graduates, that open future is full of question marks and no direction. Not all graduates know what they want to do, and that’s absolutely fine! There are many people who don’t know what they want to do in life, or that have decided to go back to school to retrain in something new. Luckily, however, there are a few routes you can explore as a new graduate to help you figure out what it is you want to be doing, or to help you down the path of your dream job.


Some internships are paid where others aren’t. The idea is that it gives you vital experience and a strong edge over the thousands of other people in your situation. An internship will help you to further your learning in a theoretical and practical sense, with real world situations thrown in. It’s one thing to study something in the controlled confines of a classroom and something completely different to actually work the situation in real life. Most internships have job offers waiting at the end, but the amount of jobs don’t always correlate to the amount of interns taken on. You have to work hard and stand out to get the position you want as with most things in life.

Graduate Schemes

These are paid jobs that are created with graduates in mind. They often involve the grunt work of the office but also include a lot of training in different areas. The company offering the role can shape you into their perfect employee with this job offer, and they are paying you to do it. The scheme does have an end date, but it can vary from company to company, almost always ending in a full-time position there. If not, you can take those amazing skills that you acquired on to your next opportunity.  


While applying for internships and graduate schemes, you should also be sending applications to advertised jobs in the field you want. You might not have the same experience as other applicants, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Hopefully, the skills and knowledge your degree gave you will place you in high regard. Keep your mind open for job openings. If you’re looking for a career in criminal law, for example, don’t just apply at criminal law firms – widen your search to include places like Ogletree. Employment law might not be your first choice, but the knowledge and experience you gain there will boost your application later on.


You don’t have to fall straight into a career – life isn’t all about work. Traveling the world is full of opportunities you just won’t get at home. Start a travel blog and earn money while you go, or take up photography and share your experiences through images. You can even volunteer or work as you travel.