For busy, working moms; it can be a challenge to focus on anything other than the well-being of your family and ensuring that all the bills are paid on time. However, if you’re a creative soul, who comes alive on their shopping trips, or when going through pages and pages of fashion or interior inspiration on Pinterest; you could be missing your calling. If there’s an area of your life that constantly receives compliments and it involves doing something you love; maybe it’s time to start thinking about turning that passion into a business.

Your favorite shops, websites and retail spaces will have all been carefully stocked and curated by people with an eye for detail and a passion for products – just like you. You might not be able to create that beautiful ceramic vase you pinned last week, or build a vintage-inspired dressing table; however, you’ll be able to spot them and understand the level of demand for such items. Therefore, why not take your skills and become a total mom boss with your own fashion, interior, or lifestyle. If loved ones and strangers are complimenting your style, your home, or your taste in general, you’ll already have a consumer audience who may enter and invest in your business. The following is some advice, ideas and tips for moms who are ready to work for themselves and want to turn their passion into an income and way of life.

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The Right Space

As a store who is selling specific products or a lifestyle that you want your customers to buy into, the environment in which you start selling your carefully curated items is vital to the success of your business. Therefore, you’ll need to liaise with reputable design and construct services who can assist and advise you on the design and layout of your store and also ensure that you meet rules, regulations and retail guidelines. A design and construction company will also be able to design a space that suits your specific area of sales and expertise so that you know your visual merchandising will be a breeze and your customers will enjoy spending their time in your environment.

Curation And Relationships

You’ll probably already have suppliers and artisan brands on your list by the time you get around to building your dream store. However, the fun can really start as you discover even more suppliers who aren’t stocked in your area, and you build on strong relationships with those who are essentially stocking your retail space. You’ll need to be ruthless; there’s no use in having several ceramic designers in one lifestyle and homeware store and only one textile specialist. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’ve covered each area and have chosen the best designers and makers that suit your aesthetic. Remember that your customers will be buying into the look and a lifestyle, so each of your brands need to fit, and your product selection should be considered and curated carefully. There’s no reason your Pinterest board can’t become a retail reality, so start doing your research and start utilizing the right help so that you can live and work in your dream job!