One of the most important things you need to consider when you come to bu doing your business and opening your first office up is to make a fire safety strategy for your employees. This is something which you may not initially think about when building your business but it is a crucial thing which could save everyone’s life if the time does ever come. If you want to lend how to implement fire safety in the workplace this year, here’s how.

Install fire doors and maps

The first thing you will need to do when planning fire evacuation in your office is where the fire doors will go. The important thing to remember is that every single member of your staff should be in close proximity to a fire escape and there should be a map in every single room of the building, along with a fire extinguisher. Take some time to plan your escape route and even speak to fire safety specialists to make sure that everything is correct.

Choose your alarms

There are two different types of alarm you will choose when looking at fire safety: a Renault alarm and a silent alarm. A silent alarm is useful if you work in a cinema, hospital or somewhere else which relies on a quiet atmosphere. If you work in an office, a regular alarm is fine. Take the time every few months to get your alarm services by Analogue Electrics fire alarm servicing to make sure that they are still working. This is crucial if you want to be safe in your offices.

Train fire marshalls

Choose a few people from your workplace to go on a course for a few days and be trained in fire safety. It is important that you have someone from each department who is able to instruct everyone else on what to do and will be able to help everyone get out of the building safely. It will also be helpful to train people in first aid just in case anything serious occurs.


The most important thing you can do for the safety of your staff is to run regular fire drills in the building to see how quickly your staff are able to exit the building. This not only familiarizes your employees with the fire exits, but it also allows them to practice leaving the office in the middle of a project or meeting. Make sure that you have a system in your building which logs everyone in as they enter, because this will allow you to print off a register of everyone in the building that day, and will allow you to check that everyone made it outside. Ensure that no one lingers in the building to gather their personal items, and if there is someone still inside the building according to your register, double check whether they are in work today or not. Ideally, your building will have a fob system which signs in employees as they enter, in order to make things easier for everyone.