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Low productivity levels can really send a business into decline. Even those companies with the most intriguing products and the best marketing campaigns still completely rely on their workforce to ensure that they keep delivering an impressive service to customers. If you have noticed that your employees seem a little less engaged as of late then you might want to start looking into ways to motivate them once more. Here are some pointers.

Offer flexible working.

One of the best ways to incentivize your employees to work harder is to give them a flexible work environment. It’s about putting the power in the hands of your workers; let them know that they’re free to work in the environment which suits them. Flexible hours can lead to a better work-life balance. Your employees will have the freedom to work from home if they want to and that can help them to spend more time with their family. Certain individuals might get more work completed in isolation too. You’ll definitely notice a positive difference if you give people the option to work remotely and flexibly; obviously, you’ll still have project deadlines.

Improve health and safety.

Health and safety is a huge component of a productive workplace. You should ensure all desks come with ergonomic keyboards and chairs because an uncomfortable working environment will lead to aches and pains amongst workers; in turn, productivity levels will drop. And a safe business is a productive one because reducing hazards around the workplaces means that no issues, minor or major, to people’s safety will slow down work processes.

You should also ensure that your warehouse is as safe as possible if there are manufacturing or packing processes involved in the operations of your company. You might want to look into installing a ladder safety gate in the doorway so as to prevent people falling at the loading dock. On a more basic level, you should certainly ensure all employees wear hard hats and have the necessary training to operate any machinery within the work environment. It’s a danger to people’s personal safety as well as the functionality of your workplace if health and safety regulations aren’t adhered to.

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Create a relaxed environment.

The best way to foster productivity in your business is to create a relaxing environment in which your employees can work. Of course, you shouldn’t misinterpret this. A relaxing environment doesn’t mean an environment in which nobody gets any work done; obviously, that’d be the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Productivity can actually flourish in a relaxed work environment if you strive to inspire people through their surroundings.

For starters, an updated office design can improve people’s mindsets. You could repaint the walls white to reflect sunlight and brighten rooms. You could create a more relaxed vibe in the break room too. A pool table, some couches, and a TV could create a separated relaxation zone to which people can escape from their work during lunch breaks. It could help people return to work with a refreshed mindset and the determination to work hard.