Your customers are important to your business (your staff too, but that’s for a different article). You want your audience to become not just customers, but loyal fans of your business. This way, they’ll spend more money. Here are some foolproof ways you can get your customers to spend more money with you:

Give Incentives

Make sure you give your customers incentives to spend more money with you. For instance, how about giving them loyalty points, money off when they spend past a set amount, or surprises thrown into their orders? Get creative with your incentives and people will want to come back again and again.

Build A Great Relationship With Your Audience

One thing that will keep your audience coming back for more is the relationship that you have with them. If you can build a great relationship with your audience, they’ll feel like they know your business and they won’t want to go to your competitors. It can take time, so you need to be consistent. Personalize your interactions as much as you can. Respond to them in a timely manner, and do everything you can to show your loyal customers that you value them.



Offer More Options To Pay

The more options you have to pay, the greater chance you have of people choosing to purchase from you. If you offer a limited number of ways to pay, you can pretty much guarantee that people will go elsewhere. Paypal is a good option, but their financial forecasts don’t match up to BlueSnap. You can find out more in this BlueSnap Review. Offering some card payment options is a mus,t too. Make it easy for your customers to make a purchase.

Don’t Be Too Pushy

Being too pushy will put your customers off. You want to stay in the forefront of their minds, but you don’t want to alienate them by suffocating them with marketing materials.

Offer The Best Customer Service Around

Think of all of the great customer service interactions you’ve ever had, and write down what you can learn from them. Do the same with your not-so-great customer service interactions. Offering the best customer service around will help you get word-of-mouth recommendations. You can’t please every single person with every interaction, but you can definitely make them feel like they’ve had a great victory after contacting you. A guarantee that you will replace a faulty product, for instance, will give them more confidence to purchase from you.

Offer Genuine Help 

When you offer genuine help, they’ll feel important and see you as an expert in your niche. They’ll come back to you when they have a question or need further help. Share your expertise with videos and blog posts.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is the only way to establish trust. Make sure your product and service are as consistent as possible so that your reputation gets bigger and better!