Brand visibility is a big deal. In fact, it can mean the difference between a customer picking you company or plumping for your competitor instead. That is why it is so important to get your brand noticed positively as much as possible. To do this, there are many options but if you are sick and tired of the usual ways, why not check out the more original tactics below?

Make a movie

OK, so maybe a movie is pushing it, but shorts and web series are seriously popular too. In fact, the power of video is super important when it come to getting your brand noticed.

After all, online videos are some of the most engaged with and shared media. They also usually tell a story and can be entertaining and informative as well. What this mean is that they are perfectly positioned to raise the visibility of your brand. For some idea of how well this can work, check the clip below.

Give unusual gifts

Next, a few cleverly branded freebies never did any company‚Äôs visibility any harm. However, for this to be as effective as possible it’s vital that you pick things that are original, and unusual like these wholesale golf towels or boxes of expensive treats such as French macaroons with your company branding on them. The reason for this is because no one wants another mug or mouse mat, or even a messenger bag, so if these are the freebies, you are giving out it won’t work as well because of the won’t necessarily stick in the receiver’s mind.

After all, you’re meant to be making a good impression so why settle for run of the mill items that anyone could give as a corporate gift? Think outside the box instead.

Use digital signage

Next, there is much potential in raising brand awareness in using digital technology, most of which is centered around the internet. However, there is other digital tech that can be of use here. In particular, why not consider digital signage for your store or location, or rent space on a digital signboard in a place like a mall or sports game?

In fact, using digital signage in this way can be a fantastic method of ensuring your barn is noticed by thousands if not millions of potential customers. If you were in any doubt, just ask Budweiser why the sponsor football games?

Recruit some influencers

Lastly, you can increase the visibility of your brand by collaborating with influencers online. One way of doing this is to provide products for them to review and use on their blog or vlog.

Although some companies like Bellami have found success by going one step further and bringing out special edition items with blogger’s designs on them.

This, of course, can be a hugely successful method of ensuring a particular demographic knows your brand. It can also create added kudos and desirability for your products within the existing markets, benefits that make this tactic one that should be explored if getting your brand on noticed is a top priority.