With the incessant media coverage of the gender pay gap, inequalities within the workplace and cases of sexual harassment, now may seem like the worst possible time to try and break into a male-dominated sector. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Strong women who are able to set up businesses to rival companies led by men are needed more now than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you fancy a journey into the world of haulage, logistics or investment banking. Just because you’re a female, that shouldn’t prevent you from following your business dream and becoming a success. Take a look at these male-dominated industries that you might be tempted to try.


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Forever associated with whistling builders and hard-hat-wearing guys with unrefined social attitudes, the world of construction has radically changed over the last decade. If you fancy starting up a construction business, you should be aware of a wealth of health and safety legislation from hard hats to safety guard rails. You should also understand everything from compliance assessments to audit requirements. If you enjoy problem-solving, think on your feet and have a mathematical mind, the world of construction might be for you.


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It doesn’t matter whether you’re keen on aeronautical, biochemical or mechanical engineering, you’ll be competing against the finest male minds. However, this shouldn’t put you off. Universities that offer engineering courses are keen to encourage more women to apply and embark on an engineering career. Starting within schools, science and technology teachers are actively seeking talented girls to enter this exciting field. You never know – you could become one of those inspirational industry figures that young women could look up to and aspire to become when they grow up.


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Factory-based work has historically been dominated by men. Again, working in a physically demanding environment doesn’t generally attract women. Walk into any U.S.-based factory and you’ll see a vast array of male faces overseeing the conveyor belts. Only a third of the manufacturing workforce in the U.S is women. However, this trend is changing with Deloitte reporting that 58 percent of women believe that attitudes are improving towards females in manufacturing. There has never been a better time to launch a manufacturing startup.

There’s nothing more discouraging than knowing that your male colleague, in the same role as you with the same responsibilities, is getting paid 15 percent more than you purely because of his gender. However, the pay gap is narrowing and contributing to a positive change in the workplace for women. If you break into a male-dominated industry, you can be an integral part of making that positive change.