Jodell Onstott picJodell Onstott is a “hands-on, in-the-trenches” mother of 6 and a loving wife who discovered her dream and passion “by accident”. Jodell’s personal quest to find facts that supported Bible scriptures resulted in her becoming a research specialist with a focus on comparative biblical and ancient new Eastern Studies. Jodell’s works demonstrate that the books of the Old Testament comprise more than literature;Scripture contains an actual and factual history.
Jodell is the author of five books, an entrepreneur and a sought-after public speaker.

In this episode Jodell openly talks about her biggest struggle as a mom who’s living out her dreams. There have been times when she felt bad about pursuing her dreams because it meant that she had less time to spend with her children. After making a few lifestyle adjustments, which included setting a routine, Jodell found her rhythm. She is motivated by her children and her desire to give them all that they need to be successful adults.

Jodell’s Biggest Struggle: Mom guilt and feeling selfish for pursuing her passion

Most Important Lesson: Having a routine gives you sanity and allows you more time to spend with your children

Jodell’s Advice for Moms Who Want to Start Living their Dream: Write your thoughts and dreams down o paper. Determine the costs of going after what you want. Measure and make sure that, along the way you don’t forget about what matters most.

Most Impactful Books: Authentic Happiness, by Martin Seligman and Entre Leadership, by Dave Ramsey

Upcoming Projects: New book in September, 4 more books over the next 18 months

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Facebook: Jodell Onstott

Twitter: @Jodellonstott

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