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If you don’t already know this, you are your children’s entire world. From little babies, they learned that your face symbolized love, warmth, comfort, safety, and all that they needed to survive.

As they grew up, you were right there every step of the way to guide them, teach them, pick them up when they fell down (literally and figuratively), dry their tears, ease their minds, and you believed in them no matter what.

When you look at your children today, you may wonder how you did it. Some days were easier than others, but in general, our motherhood journey is challenging.

Your children are a beautiful reflection of you. They have your blood running through their veins and have your genes. They look like you and have some of your traits. They love you even though you’re not perfect and may make mistakes.

More importantly, they are the result of your hard work and love that only a mother can give. Today is your day. Celebrate yourself and all that you have done, all that you are doing right now, and all that you will continue to do as the amazing mother that you are.

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your special day.


With love and reverence,