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Whether you are at the top of your game and running your own business or you are a middle manager trying to keep your team motivated, management skills are crucial to your everyday success and to your overall team spirit. You might not think it, but your actions as a manager are the main feeder to the team dynamic. In other words, if you are having an off-day, the whole team could be affected.

Being a better manager should be at the top of everyone’s list, regardless of how good you are already. Learning to be a better boss could be the best decision for your business. And don’t worry about those off-days – we can fix them, too!

Get the Training You Need

Management skills come really naturally to some people. For others, a nod in the right direction is a big help. The fact is that, just as you would prefer to have training before starting a project on a new piece of software, you should prefer to get management training before you have your own team.

There are all kinds of management training courses you could try – from the specialist ones that are particular to an industry, like a masters of engineering management online, to more general sessions that might only last an afternoon. Taking either of these routes will give you the skills you need as well as a group to chat with about your experiences.

Motivate Your Team to Work Well

The best managers are almost invisible in their role: their team isn’t aware of being managed and feels like they are being guided or helped. The difference between the two is subtle but significant. For example, a manager can set deadlines and give out tasks. Or she could open up communication about a reasonable deadline. This approach is more likely to encourage creativity and find productive ways to complete a task.

There are lots of ways to motivate and encourage, but the main thing to notice about this list is that all of the points made are positive. You will never motivate your team with threats or by putting them down – even if they are causing you a real headache. Find the positives and bring them out.

Lead From the Front

Everyone has a bad day every so often and when you have arrived late, spilled your lunch down you and stubbed your toe on something left somewhere really inconvenient (probably by you) it might feel like just the right time for a proper paddy. But instead of losing your rag in front of everyone – or worse, taking it out on a member of your team – you need a coping mechanism.

Here it is: laugh. Laugh at a funny video on the internet, or find a quiet spot and force it out. Even faking it can help you cheer up. Regardless of how weird it seems, give it a try. When your team sees that you are happy and motivated, they will be more inclined to feel the same way.