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It is that time of year when you can tell the difference between those who are employed and those who are entrepreneurs. Employees have their eyes fixed firmly on having a few days off, while new entrepreneurs have their sights locked onto 2018 – their brains ticking away as they try to figure out how they can scale their business. After all, if you take your foot off the gas then you risk losing ground to your competitors.

Rest is for those that are content with their lot – which we’re guessing isn’t you given that you’re reading this article. So, with that in mind, we have pulled together some sage advice on how you can scale your business the moment your local fireworks display comes to a close on New Year’s Eve.

Start Leveraging SEO

That acronym makes people squirm because of the complexities involved, but it isn’t as tough as many believe. It is simply knowing how which principles are valued most by the Google algorithms. So, make the effort to learn about SEO, leverage the proper techniques and your visibility will start to grow. That’s a promise.

Be Better At Blogging

Starting a blog is as easy as eating a cheesecake. What isn’t easy, is making your blog valuable, which is done by posting useful and unique content – the kind that potential customers will revere. It is also a matter of doing it consistently. If you can’t afford the time, or struggle with producing content, then hire a freelance blogger to take control. It will be worth the cost because, over time, you’ll build on your authority and grow an audience organically.

Focus On The Fundamentals

Yeah, we’re talking about your IT because, well, a great company needs great IT service. Otherwise, your hopes of scaling will be scuppered at the first hurdle. The good news is, there are managed services for businesses of all sizes out there, meaning you can find someone to help you. Perhaps you want business growth support in general, or maybe you have your heart set on producing an app in 2018; whatever it is, make sure you have the support in place.

Get Influencers On Board

It is in the title – these people influence others and they have done so by connecting with their audiences in ways people don’t understand. It is a mix of imagery, branding and hard work. It is no easy feat to become an influencer. However, get influencers on board and you can find your business scaling overnight as a result. The trick is finding the right ones to champion your products and services. This may not be cheap, but it is quick, effective and that could be exactly what you are after in order to start 2018 with a bang.

Be A Social Media Ninja

It is never too late to get familiar with social media. Make that a priority of yours in 2018. Social media is one of the best ways you can engage with the people that matter most in your success – your customers. Having a presence on social medial can help you build awareness around your brand at the same time as building loyalty. All of this equals growth and overall good stuff.