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There are many reasons why you might think about starting your own business. For example:

– You may be ready for a career change.

– You hate working for ‘the man.’

– You’re unemployed and looking for something to bring in cash.

These are all good reasons for starting out on your own, but you may be unsure about where to turn. Whether you’re wondering how to set up a retail business or looking for something to do online, you need that one good idea to get you started. What should you do? Well, this is where you need to look at your strengths. It’s no good starting something you aren’t equipped to do, so consider your skill set. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to get you thinking.

Small Business Ideas

If you are good with your hands, consider a business to match your abilities. In some cases, you will need to have a vocational qualification – in construction, building, plumbing, etc. – but there are also ways to turn your hobby into a business venture where you won’t necessarily need a certificate of study – needlecraft, carpentry, model making, and so on. Still, it’s still worth brushing up on your skills at a local college, whether you need a formal qualification or not. After all, you are providing a service to others, so you want to be able to offer quality work in whatever field you go into.

If you love the great outdoors, you should consider a business that will get you out of the office and onto the land. So, you could start your own garden center, prepare fresh produce for the local farmers market, get an agricultural business off the ground, or consider a career in landscaping. With the possible exception of selling to the farmers market, you will need to commit to research, and (as with any business) make sure there aren’t any rivals with a similar business idea to the one you are considering.

If you are good with numbers, perfect, as you will need to manage your finances as part of your business. In terms of business ideas, you could set yourself up as an accountant or bookkeeper, lending a hand to those fledgling business owners who aren’t as proficient as you in sorting out their accounts. With life experience under your belt, beginning a financial planning business may be a profitable alternative, giving other people advice in managing their debts and planning for their futures.

If you have the creative urge, follow your passions by turning what may have been a hobby into a business. Got a way with words? Become a freelance writer. Skilled with a paintbrush? Sell your art online or teach your craft to others. Got an eye for a good photograph? Hire yourself out as a wedding photographer. There are many ways you can turn your creative talents into a business, so use your creative mind to think up a few ideas of your own.

Final thoughts

We have offered you a few ideas for your small business, but let us know your thoughts. Have we missed something? Are there any skills we haven’t covered? Have you turned your talents into a business? Please share your ideas with us for further inspiration.