If there is an all-encompassing term which we would all like to consider ourselves at one point, it would probably be “successful”. And while yes, success comes in many forms, the financial kind is the most alluded towards and probably most sought after. After all, it’s hard not caring about money in a world which is made go round by money itself, at least that’s what they say nowadays. If you wish to be “successful” in life, then one thing is certain, you have to start doing something. What should you be doing? How should you be doing it? Well, it’s no easy task coming up with a concrete answer, and if coming up with one was easy then we would all be millionaires. However, there are some truths which stay above the rest and give you that extra edge that you might need out there in the big wide world. Without any further ado, let’s go through 2 main areas which you should consider as a good starting point for your self-improvement.

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Learn from others

Despite sometimes needing something completely groundbreaking and original to break out of the small leagues as a business or an entrepreneur, there is nothing wrong with learning from others and their previous endeavors. Sure you need to be your own person, with your own ways of doing things and your own goals, but sometimes years and years experience is just the thing you might be missing to bring it all together. If you wish to see how others attained their rather impressive levels of success, then interviews, articles and articles written by or about famous people who have “made it” is a great start. Here’s an article talking about Jozef Opdeweegh and his advice on being a successful CEO, if there’s a more reliable source than hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, then we are yet to find it.

Take care of yourself

After all, in order to stay sharp, fresh, and performing admirably, we have to be in good shape ourselves. A tired body is a tired mind, and if you are willing to have some lifestyle choices hold you back from your full potential then you might just not be cut out for this kind of pursuit of success. Not that it’s impossible, far from it, people have made millions in the most unlikely of circumstances, but those are just some outliers and not really guidelines anyone should follow to a tee.


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Get yourself a satisfactory sleep schedule

While it may not be easy to tuck yourself into bed at 9 pm every night because life is life and things just happen, it does not mean it’s impossible. Of course, going to bed at 9 pm isn’t the optimal way of doing things for everyone, some people require less sleep, while some require more, but if you don’t know where to start then, you should keep the recommended sleep times for your age group in mind.


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You are what you eat

If all that fuels you can be bought in a corner store for about the price of 5 lollipops, then you might just be doing something wrong. If you are one of those stubborn individuals who claim that they feel “fine” and are not willing to change their ways whatsoever, then you are either young, or incredibly ignorant. A healthy and balanced diet is required by the human body to function at optimal levels, this is both scientifically and anecdotally proven by more people than you can shake a stick at, so don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. Maybe it’s time you tried going vegetarian for a while, or maybe even vegan. No need for permanent changes, but it’s definitely worth a try.