Today’s article is perfect for both newbies to business, and more established business owners. At some point, you’ll get a new business idea that seems really good. This could be the original idea behind a new company, or it could be an idea for a new product/service for your existing business. Regardless, it’s essential that you give this idea the platform it needs to take off from the word go.

This is where the idea of a live event comes into play. Live events are a brilliant way of building suspense around your idea, while also drawing in a crowd of people eager to know what’s happening. All eyes are on you, and you can launch this new idea to gasps, cheers, and immediate attention.

Understandably, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a live event before the launch. To help you get the most out of yours, here are a few of my thoughts on the topic of planning for a live event launch.



Find A Suitable Venue

A live event can’t take place without a suitable venue to set everything up. Some businesses may argue you can cut the costs of your live event by just launching your idea in the office. I think this is not the best way of doing things. Yes, it’s cheaper, but the impact is far worse. The whole idea of a live event is that you can build it up and create hype around it. Part of the way to do this is by having a cool event venue set up, and getting people into it before the big reveal starts. If you host the event in a fancy setting, then it reflects positively on your company. You look like the real deal, and you can also invite more people down to see it. In an office setting, you can only really fit a dozen people into the area before it becomes uncomfortable. Hosting your event in a conference hall, hotel, or whatever, allows you to bring in hundreds of people to check out your launch.

Invite The Media/Influencers

Creating a guest list for your event is also something that needs a lot of consideration. Who can you invite? For people that are launching their very first business, it might make sense to try and invite a few investors down. This way, you could get a bit of financial attention from interested parties, helping establish your business better. But, the best thing to do is invite loads of media and digital influencers to the event. These are the people that will spread the word about your event, post about it on social media, and ensure everyone knows what’s happening. You get free press coverage, which means plenty of articles written about you, and it helps you generate a few more leads via their content.

Take Your Live Event Online Too

As well as setting up your live event in a nice venue with lots of people attending, you should also bring it to the online world too. Let’s face it, you can’t invite everyone to your event. There will be a restriction on how many people you can fit in a venue, and some people might be unable to travel there too. For one thing, all your potential customers will be absent from the live event. It’s mainly reserved for industry people, the media, and so on. However, you can bring your potential customers in the loop with a live stream of the event on social media. You can see in this article here that Twitter allows you to stream live videos, and Instagram/Facebook both follow suit too. It’s definitely possible on YouTube too, with live sporting events, conferences, and so much more being streamed every day. Take your live event online, and you will expand its reach, ensuring more people get to see it.


Get As Much Technical Support As Possible

Live events have a strong dependency on technology and require as much technical support a possible. Especially if you want to expand your reach and set up a live stream for online viewers too. Here, you will need the help of AV specialists to ensure everything keeps running smoothly, and that your live stream doesn’t crash. You’ll notice here that it’s relatively easy to get your hands on a freelance AV company these days, so there’s really no excuse for lack of technical support. They keep your stream up, but they also help set things up like the cameras at your event, the sound, and just all the technical stuff. A live event won’t be successful if it’s full of technical hitches. Otherwise, you will just be remembered for all the faults, rather than the launch of the idea itself.

Countdown To Your Event

What you do before the event is just as important as the event itself. To get as much attention as possible, you need to countdown to the launch. Do this on social media by being quite cryptic and posting content with the number of days left until the event. Don’t tell people exactly what will happen at the event, you want to create tension without giving everything away. If everyone knows you’re launching a certain product, then they won’t bother tuning in because it’s not going to surprise them. Keep the suspense building with a real-time countdown on your website too. This is my favorite idea as people visit your site and are greeted by a massive countdown time. It’s imposing, it intrigues, and you’ll get more people tuning in to the live stream.

Consider all these things, and you should plan a brilliant live event for your new business idea. Now, you just have to ensure the event goes smoothly. Don’t blab too much about technical things or use jargon people don’t understand. Build the suspense, then wow the crowd with your new idea, detailing all the major plus points about it. The key is making sure people leave the event knowing what your idea is/does, and feeling like they want it right now.