Sometimes, it pays to be a little more subtle in the world of business. Just take a look around you when you got to a mall or a typical chain store. There are dozens of signs covering up the products. They display things such as discount offers, deals and so on. There’s just so much information covering the actual product itself and it forces the customer to focus on the wrong thing.

Ideally, all stores should be highlighting their products and services in subtle ways, not blatant ways such as putting up a great big sign and drawing an arrow to point at the product. If you want to convince your customers to stay longer and actually buy something from your store, then here are a couple of low-key ways to ensure you make a sale when they walk through your doors.

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Make your customers feel important

Your customers are actually incredibly important to your business because they’re the ones paying you for your products. However, despite the special role they play in the success of your business, companies tend to put customers at the bottom of the priority list. If you want to stand out, then make your customers feel special without being pushy. This can be done with your choice of words, your tone of voice or even the gifts you give to a customer after they purchase something from you. Adding a short handwritten note into their bag is a fantastic gesture of goodwill and appreciation that has an amazing psychological effect. For more tips on how to make your customers feel special, take a look at this article from

Use scents to lure customers in

Have you ever smelt fresh coffee when walking past a store? It’s absolutely fantastic and could even convince you to walk in and get one to go. Smells are a fantastic way to attract customers to your premises, but what if you’re not selling food? Well, it still works—you just need to be a little more creative. Scents can evoke all kinds of emotions and moods in people, so it’s important that you pick and choose wisely. If you want to lift the mood of your customers, then use scents like jasmine and peppermint. If you need more help with scents and how they can affect your business, then take a look at for more in-depth information. Scents are powerful but can be overwhelming if used too much, so it’s important to achieve the right balance if you want to be low-key about it.

Be positive

It’s important to put a smile on your face when you’re trying to make a sale. It will make you more approachable and it will make it easier for customers to speak to you about their desires and what they expect from your products. Make sure you teach your employees how to remain positive throughout the day during their working hours as well. As long as you look after your employees, they should have no trouble being positive about their job.