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Depending on what your business is, location can be the ultimate dea lbreaker. For many companies, the bad choice of where to set up shop can doom their operation from the start. But budgets and other competing priorities can often have much more of an influence on where we can set up than we’d like. Sometimes, where you’re located isn’t a matter of as much choice as you’d like. A prime location is expensive exactly because it can be a real driver of trade. However, if that dream site is out of your reach, all is not lost. There are some great marketing tricks you can try to compensate.

Get Your Signage Right

The signs that flag up your business are a key piece of marketing. If you are located out of the way of usual footfall, use your signage and Retail Point Sale Displays to compensate by getting your proposition and message out there clearly in front of potential customers. Don’t assume people will go out of their way to seek you out – you need to traffic stop them and draw them in with something unique. It could be a great brand story, an unmissable deal or something they can’t get anywhere else. Find your point of difference and shout about it.

Use Your Window Display

No matter what you do, get the product display at the front right and you’ll stand a better chance of drawing people in. Learn the principles of merchandising and apply them to your specific case. You need to entice people to come in and find out more, even if your business isn’t very visual. Spent time thinking outside the box about how you can get it right and communicate the story of what you’re doing.

Create Walking Signage From Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and your biggest potential advocates- but they can also be your best form of advertising. Consider giving away cute reusable bags that are eye-catching and promote your company. Each customer then becomes a walking billboard! The same can easily be done with employees by introducing striking uniforms or branded clothing items to them. Costs for branded items start from a fairly low point, so there’s always a way to get yours out there, even if you’re on a budget.

Host Some Events

Another way to put your small business in on the map is to find or create events that make you a destination. That way, new people will become familiar with your location and can help to spread the word, plus others will have a reason to seek you out. Take a look at some local event listings and see if you can offer to host any groups that meet regularly. Find ones that have a nice fit with what you offer – for instance, if you run a coffee shop, are there any book clubs or crafters that could use a cup of something hot and a slice of cake for their meeting? Business networking events can also be useful things to host as you’re reaching a wide range of people at once. You could even offer special deals or discount to keep them coming back.