trade show


If you own and run a small business that designs and manufactures original products, there is a reasonable chance you will want to attend some relevant trade shows in the near future. There are thousands of them every year all around the world, so you may want to conduct some research to ensure you highlight the best events and get  in touch with the organizers early enough to guarantee you can attend. There is some advice below that is going to assist when it comes to making the right moves and ensuring as many potential clients and customers as possible stop by for a chat at your next exhibition or trade show. Use it wisely!

Write a script and follow it

There is a reasonable chance that you will take a couple of people along to the trade show to help out. They will usually be your most experienced employees who know the ins and outs of your operation. However, it is vital that everyone answers questions in the same way and provides the same sales pitch to all attendees at the event. The best way to make that happen is to write a script that contains all the things people are likely to ask. You can also provide a list of answers and ask your employees to learn them a few weeks before the exhibition. You can then rest assured you will showcase your business in the best light.

Design an eye-catching booth

You face a lot of competition for attention at trade show events, and that is why you should spare no expense when it comes to designing a booth that is going to catch the eye of passersby. You need stunning branded graphics that highlight your logo with some basic info about your products or services. You might also think about getting a marquee tent like these, if you have enough space to erect it in the exhibition room. The idea is to the make sure people can’t walk past without at least taking a look at your display and becoming a little more familiar with your company.

Create printed promotional materials

Lastly, it’s vital that you understand that a significant percentage of people who visit your booth will not have enough time to stand around and chat. That means you need to have something you can give them to take away. Investing in some printed promotional materials like flyers and catalogs is always a sensible move because the attendees might take a look at them when they arrive back at their hotel. They might even take the leaflets home and pass them to associates in their office. So, make sure you don’t miss out on that opportunity.

You should now have enough ideas to ensure you don’t fall flat on your face at your next trade show event. However, there is always more to learn, and so you should conduct some extensive research online before the big day. Sometimes the smallest adjustments make the most impressive impact. So, don’t think you’ll have to spend a fortune to tip the scales of balance in your favor. Enjoy!