It’s something you should never underestimate, your business security is paramount. While there’s enough talk about the importance of antivirus packages, and implementing some common sense in your workers, you need to make your office thoroughly secure. While you may consider your startup to be unimportant, so that thieves wouldn’t target it, if your business did, unfortunately, suffer a break in, how are you going to be able to recover? That’s why you need to make security one of the biggest parts of your office expenses. So, what procedures can you implement to keep your office secure?

Install CCTV
Security cameras are a key deterrent for many thieves. While you might consider it to be a big expense at the outset, there are fake security cameras you can purchase. With security cameras being on display, it will make any thief think twice.

Use The Best Lighting
Most thefts take place during the evening or night, which is why it’s beneficial for you to invest in commercial lighting and security lighting for your premises. Having adequate lighting during the night time is going to make any potential thief feel like they are being constantly watched. Using this in conjunction with security cameras is going to build a strong case against the thief if they decide to go through with the burglary!

Invest In A Safe
If you’ve got lots of cash on the premises, it’s vital that you invest in a safe to keep it stored overnight. But whenever possible, make sure you don’t have money on the premises during the night when the property is not occupied. Many stores have a disclaimer on their shop front stating this, and it will be an active deterrent.

Purchase Laptop Locks
Laptops are expensive pieces of equipment, and they are a very common target for burglars. By using a laptop lock, which is very similar to a bike lock, it will make stealing a challenging task. The great thing about laptop locks is that they are cheap and easy to fit. If you’ve got many computers in your office, it’s a minimal investment with maximum security benefits.

Install A Monitored Alarm System
It should be one of the first things you think about if you want to improve your security. An alarm is a very simple and effective method to deter thieves. Nowadays, there are more sophisticated methods of security; by using monitored alarm systems that transmit signals via mobile phone or the internet to a monitoring station, this can signal the police to turn up to your premises in a matter of minutes.

In addition to these methods, it’s beneficial for you to join the equivalent of a neighborhood watch for your business. These business watch schemes have proven to be very effective in creating awareness as well as prevention. When you are building a startup company, you cannot afford to make any slip-ups, and this is why your security needs to be as important as any business investment you make.