Congratulations on your successful product prototype! As an entrepreneur, you know that getting a product from an idea on a napkin to an actual live product is not an easy journey, but you’ve made it and you can now start focusing on your product launch. It’s a goal for every smart business that their marketing investment needs to be made the best of, and yours should be no different.

However, promoting your product is not going to be that easy! It doesn’t matter if you get the product into the best stores around if people don’t know that you’re going to do it. Using a company like Altium to get your product design off the ground is a smart idea, but the step you really should concentrate on is marketing it to the public.

You need your product launch to be communicated correctly so that people are aware of you and what exciting change you are bringing to the market. For most, the biggest problem with a product launch is cost. You want to maximize the launch that you can have but spend the least amount of cash. We get it – business is expensive! So, to be able to do that we’ve put together some creative ways that you can have a strong launch campaign.

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The whole point of marketing a new product is to lure in the customers. For a hook, you need a lure and everyone loves a freebie. Hosting a giveaway on a social media site is a fantastic way to bring in the interest. People will like and share for a competition – especially if you have geared your company social media to the right audience. You want to avoid drawing people in who are just interested in free things. However, those are the people who may share your products and can help bring in others.

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A big part of product development is meeting expectations. If you have the chance, create an online teaser campaign across your social media platforms. You can choose to build this up in a storyboard sort of way, depending on your product. This can create a story for people to follow right before the real product launch. It’s fun, it gains interest and it can make people engage with your company as a whole.

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You need to be creative since advertising your product isn’t just going to be a photo on the website. Create a vlog on your company website talking about the background of the product and how it came to market. You can tag this video onto your social media platforms and even link into your company email signature, so that each time an email heads to a client, you know you’re advertising.

Your product launch can be a successful one, especially if you set up a party for influencers and clients to enjoy your product the day before it officially launches. This can really get you set up for stores and other places you can sell your new design.