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This one goes out to new entrepreneurs who took the leap this year; the ones who decided they want to become part of the “I work for myself” world. Those who grinned and bit the bullet as they worked through the teething problems that accompany all startups and those who want to make 2018 a huge year where they finally get the recognition they deserve. If that’s you, then keep reading.

For your startup to make it, you need to consciously develop your own system for hiring new employees, training them to be people you can trust with your business and knowing how to outsource your way to success. That is the key here. Outsourcing. It is now the most common practice used for startups to maximize their budget while still getting tasks done to a high standard.

These days, you can outsource every single part of your business. Before you do, there are certain tips that are worth knowing about in order for things to pan out the way you intended:

  1. Perfect Your Procurement

You are developing a brand. That’s huge. As such, choosing who helps you develop this brand is of the utmost importance. Do you go cheap or pay more for value? Do you need an agency or could you roll with a freelancer? There is no right or wrong answer as there are pros and cons to both. Just make sure you do some serious due diligence before making your decision.

  1. Take Your Time With Tech

Once upon a time, technology didn’t need to factor into any thought patterns. These days, however, you need to consider the technology standards you are using before you sign on any dotted line. To help you with this, a great place to start is by using an outsourced IT support team. Not only will they enhance your technology management abilities, they will be able to help you know where tech investment is worthwhile and what trends need to be considered before others.

  1. Seek Social Proof

This is where social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, really come into their own. Social media gives you a chance to see how potential partners have been endorsed, what recommendations they have and how they operate in terms of branding. When you are outsourcing someone to help with your business, you want to see how they manage their own business first.

  1. Payment Terms Are Essential

When you have full-time employees, payment terms are universal. The only thing that changes is how much people get paid. When you hire freelancers, however, payment terms differ from one to the next. Don’t make the mistake of presuming that they expect invoices to be paid within 30 days and don’t presume tax is included. Most of the time they will bring this up but, if they don’t, then don’t be afraid to ask these questions. You will only kick yourself later if you don’t.