Running a business is more than just charming your clients and winning over investors. You can’t get by with just a dusting of marketing savvy and a great product idea. You need to be a leader who your workforce admires. You need to have the drive and determination that others aspire to achieve. As a people manager, you need their respect. The best way to earn that is by becoming a great motivator. Here is a 5-easy-step process to help you get the best out of your workforce:

  1. Lead By Example

Do their job. Don’t let your employees feel they’re being handed the boring or horrible jobs you don’t want to do. Lead by example by showing them that you’re doing those tasks, too. You might do this by personally taking on some of their training and showing them how things are done. You might tell a story about how those tasks started the business. Maybe everybody starts at the bottom, but the sky’s the limit. Don’t be afraid to muck in from time to time.

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  1. Make It Easier For Them To Do Their Job Well

If you’re just starting out, chances are your workforce is working part-time hours. That means they’re probably juggling another job or caring duties with their work for you. Make it as easy as possible for them to complete their work each day. Use shift planning software that illustrate working patterns through an accessible app. Perhaps workers can fill this in themselves. Offer flexibility wherever possible and make sure you’re available when they are.

  1. Listen And Respond

Listen carefully to the things your employees have to say. Chances are, they’re noticing problems with processes that are in place. Best of all, they probably have lots of ideas about how to make things better. Improving efficiency, productivity and profit are what you are about. If your employees are noticing things that don’t work well, listen to their ideas about making them better. Most importantly, respond with considered feedback and action. Never react if you hear something that touches a nerve.


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  1. Develop Their Careers

One of the biggest motivators for all of us is career development. We want to be better tomorrow than we are today. We want more money, more prestige and more recognition for our achievements. How can you help develop your workers’ careers? You might offer training and development funds. Perhaps you can support part-time study? Can you implement a structured promotions program? If your workers can see a clear career plan in front of them, they could become highly motivated people.

  1. Reward Their Wins

Acknowledge that your employee is doing it right. One of the biggest demotivators is not knowing if you’re doing your job well. Nobody likes feeling that they’re not any good at their job. So reward all the wins – even the little ones. Rewards include saying thanks in public, cash bonuses and career progression. Even a quick chat to say you’ve noticed and appreciated that extra effort can go a very long way. How do you motivate your workforce?