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When operating a business on a brick and mortar basis, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll spend an extended period of time in the first property where you start out. As your business grows, you’re likely to find that you outgrow your commercial space and have to move on. So, what should you bear in mind when moving shop? Here are a couple of ideas for you to mull over.

Consider Location

One of the main reasons for people moving their businesses is location. We are all well aware that the better the location of a commercial property, the more expensive its lease and rent are going to be. When you’re just starting out, these sums are out of your budget. But as your business grows and expands, you may consider (quite literally) moving on to bigger and better places. The benefits that come hand in hand with this type of move are likely to be huge.

Better locations mean higher passing footfall and consequently greater exposure and a larger number of individuals passing through your doors, purchasing goods, and generating profit. If you are moving to a different location, bear in mind that you will have to plan in a similar way to how you would if you were moving home. After all, you’ll have all sorts of furniture, installations, and stock to shift from one place to another.

It’d be nearly impossible to do this all alone, so you should seriously look into Commercial Removals. Professionals will be able to help you to move everything without causing damage to any of your goods. You are also likely to be moving into a busy location where you might not have time or space to park up if you were to be moving things slowly through multiple trips in your own vehicle. Professional removals will have the necessary permissions to pull up close to the new commercial property, and the people power to get everything in quickly without hassle.

Consider Size

Some commercial properties don’t rely all too much on location. Their purpose is a place of work and a space to connect and network through meetings and conferences. Think of offices as just one example. So, why would you consider moving this type of commercial property? Well, size can play an important role! The more your business expands, the more staff you are likely to take on in order to spread the workload fairly, and the more staff there are, the more space you’re going to need. Your small five-person size property simply isn’t going to cut it after a few months or years.

When viewing new properties you need to take size seriously. Say you now have one hundred employees. There’s no use looking for a property that fits one hundred people. Why? Well, it might do for now, but as you continue to grow, you’ll quickly find things becoming cramped again. Always opt for a little extra space. After all, it’s always better for your commercial property to be underpopulated than overpopulated in order for your staff to work comfortably and productively.

While moving business can be complex and even a little stressful at times, it’s entirely possible and with the right planning and organisation should be relatively hassle-free!