Kim Eagles picKim Eagles is on a mission to eliminate her clients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter. Founder of Kaos Solutions and author of the book, Release the Clutter, Kim’s passion is to guide people through their clutter and help them move forward to a more fulfilling life. In addition, Kim is an Emotional Fitness Coach, Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Healer and understands the connection between the inner clutter and outer world.

Kim shares her journey from being a stay-at-home mom and wife to a successful entrepreneur, pursuing her childhood passion or organizing. Kim’s unique serving perspective is her holistic approach to organizing that addresses the inner clutter that we carry around and how it impacts our physical environment.

In this episode, Kim teaches listeners how to look at what can help make their lives simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Some of the strategies she shares include:

  • menu planning for 6 weeks

  • get your family involved with chores

  • outsource when you can

Kim’s Thought On Achieving Balance: Building a business while raising your family is more like a teeter totter than a balance beam. When you’re with your family, be with your family. When it’s time to work on your business, work on your business.

Kim’s Advice for Moms Dealing with Overwhelm: Give yourself permission to take a step back and have a relationship with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. Take time to think about what you’re thinking and what’s really going on in your head.

Kim’s Upcoming Projects: Promoting her book, Release The Clutter, and creating an online class to support people with getting organized.

Most Impactful Book: The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin S. Sharma

Where You Can Find Kim Online: 


Facebook: Kaos Solutions

Twitter: @Kimeagles

You can find Kim’s book, Release The Clutter, at, and