Sara F Hathaway pic“Yes, you’re a mom. Yes, you’re a woman and do you know how much strength that gives you? Go for it – it’s so worth it in the end.”  ~ Sara F. Hathaway

Sara F. Hathaway is a mom, a wife, an author and a passionate entrepreneur. Sara grew up in the country, where she developed a profound interest in the natural world around her. She has extensively researched and practiced survival techniques in the natural environment.

Sara always loved creative writing & poetry as a hobby, but she never thought that she would publish a book. After writing for 8 years, juggling marriage, motherhood and working at multiple jobs in corporate America, Sara was inspired to share her first book with the world. The light bulb came on for Sara after she began meeting influential people who helped her see the possibilities and the lifestyle she could create using the many skills that she already had.

Sara’s Biggest Challenge: 

Striking a balance between having to take care of business and get things done in her business while she really wants to hang out and play Duplos with her 3-year old son. It’s a constant push and pull in your heart; just finding a happy balance is the challenge.

Sara’s Experience with Mom Guilt:

Sara discovered that she was dealing with mom guilt while she worked in corporate America – often beginning her day at 4:30 am and not coming home until 11:00 pm at night. She longed to be with her son, but it wasn’t an option at the time. Becoming an entrepreneur allows Sara more time to spend with her kids. During the day she takes regular breaks to take her 3-year old son on nature walks and she’s at home when her teenage son gets home from school. No more mom guilt for this mompreneur!

Most Important Lesson Sara Has Learned in Her Journey:

Give yourself credit for the successes you make along the way. Recognize when you have achieved a goal and congratulate yourself. This gives you a positive flow and a positive attitude.

Most Impactful Book:

Day After Disaster, by Sara F. Hathaway

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Upcoming Projects: 

For the remainder of 2015 Sara will be continuing her virtual podcast tour, her second book will be out soon and launching The Changing Earth podcast.

Sara is simply amazing. I encourage you to get a copy of her book – you won’t be disappointed. Not only does her story pull you in, but it makes you think about what you would do in the event of a disaster.

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