Louise Armstrong head shot“There are different stages in your life for doing different things. It may be in your 40s and 50s that this is the time for you…to find out what you really want to do.” ~Louise Armstrong

Louise Armstrong is a Midlife Transition Coach for women. She’s on a mission to help women gain confidence and clarity to enjoy their lives so they can remove barriers and enjoy inner peace and contentment in their careers, relationships and health.

As a mom who experienced empty nest syndrome when her three children moved out of her home, Louise relates to women who struggle through this and other life-changing events. Her expertise lies in defining and removing emotional blocks like low self-esteem, low self-worth, the burden of responsibility, fear, guilt and much more.

In this episode, Louise shares her personal and professional journey that led her to where she is today.

You will hear how:

  • Louise discovered her true passion – life coaching – “by accident” after suffering from skin cancer and having to leave a career she loved

  • You can connect with your true passion and what easy step you can take first.

  • She accepted that she can’t do it all and focused on pursuing her passion.

  • She moved past her biggest challenge in her coaching business and what she learned from that experience.

  • She relates to women who are raising children and desperately trying to do something they love.

  • She created her avatar (or ideal client) and the steps you can take to get super clear about who you want to serve.

  • She juggled her profession and transitioned into working at home while taking care of her family

  • Women in their 40s and 50s are starting over in new careers and taking control of their happiness

  • And more…

Most Impactful Book:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

In this book you will discover powerful lessons for personal change and development.

Louise’s Projects:

Louise is excited about her new Udemy course, her one-on-one coaching programs, her personal development program for children and her corporate training program for adults.

Where You Can Find Louise Online:

Website: www.womensmidlifecoach.com

Twitter: @StartLettingGo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/womensmidlifecoach

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