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Only you can be the keeper of your mind and your soul.” ~Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney is an author, podcaster, international speaker, world traveler, and a Huffington Post blogger. Her mantra is, “living happy – inside out” and she was recently named Ambassador of Happiness by UNESCO Center for Peace. A former corporate manager, business manager and home schooling mom, Maura stepped out of her comfort zone to pursue a lifestyle career and invites others to join her in doing the same.

Maura can be seen everywhere – from around the block to around the globe looking for great people, great stories, and good news to share.

In this episode Maura shares her journey of discovering personal happiness and how you can, too.

You will hear Maura talk about:

  • How she created her version of “inside out happiness”  in her 50s.

  • How you can discover happiness from the inside out.

  • Her fear of leaving her corporate career and becoming a stay-at-home mom.

  • Developing “pieces and parts of her personality” in her 30s, that she never knew were there.

  • How we all go through similar things that make us feel stuck and how you can redefine yourself.

  • How she fulfilled her desire to travel the world while being a stay-at-home mom.

  • The importance of taking at least 5 minutes every morning (before getting out of bed) to check in with yourself.

  • And more…

Most Impactful Book:

Exiting the Comfort Zone: Dance or Die by Maura Sweeney

In this book Maura shares her journey of doing something way outside of her comfort zone and the important lessons she learned.

Where You Can Find Maura Online:


Maura’s Current & Upcoming Projects:

Maura’s excited about traveling and speaking at an international leadership conference, a new course she’s creating, and her new paperback book. She invites you to check out her interactive YouTube videos and listen to her podcast, Living Happy – Inside Out, which can be found on her website.

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