Yoli Tamu helps mothers and their teen daughters create a genuine heart-to-heart relationship. As a seasoned high school and college educator and founder of the nonprofit Unity Theatre Foundation, Yoli often met young women who struggled in relationships with their moms.

As a result of her many conversations with teen girls, Yoli created HeartVERSATIONS, a groundbreaking coaching program that helps mothers and daughters transform a mediocre or toxic connection into an unbreakable bond.

In this episode, Yoli shares some of the common issues that teen girls are facing, how she supports them, and how she heals fragile mother/daughter relationships.

How Yoli Supports Troubled Teen Girls

Yoli has worked with girls with different issues such as teen pregnancy, “cutters”, suicidal thoughts, abuse in the home, parents with addiction, and more. Yoli shares her personal trials with the girls so they see that she can relate to what they’re facing.

Small group settings help the girls bond with each other and realize that they’re not alone. By the end of her program, her girls have a new outlook on life, have grown, and are ready to work through their issues.

How Yoli Supports Mothers with Teen Daughters

Yoli helps moms develop healthy self-care and wellness rituals. You can do this by setting aside just 20 minutes out of your day to meditate or take a break, which will help you transition from your work day to being mom.

She reminds mothers of how important they are to their daughters, and that they have to learn how to be open and transparent with them. She encourages them to write out their past experiences (good and bad) and write the lesson learned from those experiences. This is cleansing for the mothers while it helps their daughters see that they are not perfect, and that they can talk to their mothers about their issues.

Yoli speaks directly to moms who feel like their teen daughter would rather be with her friends. She reminds you to not take it personally and to give her a little space to explore her independence.

Create a mother-daughter ritual that the two of you do together. This will create special bonding time that you can both look forward to sharing.

Yoli Recommends that You Read:

Mothering and Daughtering by Sil and Eliza Reynolds. This mother-daughter team gives great insight on how to understand one another from their own perspective.

Where You Can Find Yoli Online

Web site: http://yolitamu.com

Twitter: @YoliTamu

Instagram: @YoliTamuOfficial

Yoli’s Parting Words of Wisdom

“Your child will help you resolve the unfinished business of your past.” ~Unknown