Running a service-based business can be a great venture. When you have a set skill, or are experienced in a particular area, being able to sell your time is something quite special. Even if you’re providing a service based on a huge team, it can be a great business. However, when it comes to services, you have to be organized. All businesses will put some value on organization, but because your product is largely human based, it needs to be executed well. And this all comes down to organization. If you want to make sure that your business does well, here are five things you should look to utilize:


A Website

First up, you need a website. Whether you’re a language teacher, copywriter, or business coach, you need your customers to be able to find you. When you’re someone that works alone, this can be even harder for you to achieve. With a website, you have so much more potential. Not only should your website present detailed information about you, or what your business does, but also contact information. You really want your website to sell you in an organized way, so make sure you’re thinking of what you would want to know from someone who provides your service and include that in your web copy.

Communication Tools

When you offer a service, you often need to be able to stay in communication with your clients and colleagues. If you work remotely, this can seem difficult. By choosing a communication tool, your problem will be solved. There are a wealth of online communication platforms that allow you to stay in touch with your clients and colleagues and make sure your work is organized.

Project Management Software

If you are hiring other contractors or someone remotely, you may need to share information about a client. For this, you need to find project management software that suits your business setup. From online boards to mobile field service software, you should find something that works for you. That way, everyone can keep track of their jobs and your business should feel much more organized.

A Diary

A simple but effective solution to help your business stay organized is diary management. Whether you use an online calendar (that you can then share with other parties), or you go for the old-fashioned paper kind, a diary can help you keep track of your work. Not only can it feed into your project management, but it allows you to manage your time better for maximum productivity.


Finally, if you are currently working on your business alone, you may be starting to realize that hiring help could be the best option for you. From graphic designers and IT support to someone that works in the same field as you. Bringing in help will allow you to stay on top of your work.