When you make the leap from your home office to an actual office space, you’re going to be weighing up the options of whether to go for a managed or non-managed office space. So many people seem to go for managed spaces, but there are restrictions that come with it. For a lot of them, you have to leave at certain times. There are additional charges left right and center, and there are a whole lot of other business owners in the same office as you. This could get annoying after a while. So why don’t you consider non-managed office spaces? The pros may outweigh the cons and we’re here to outline them for you. You never know – we might just change your mind.


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One of the biggest and most obvious cons that business owners seem to hate is the fact you have to do pretty much everything yourself – office maintenance and even grounds maintenance, in some cases. Outdoor issues that you’re not used to can be an absolute nightmare – especially when it is something you’re not used to dealing with. Even outdoor issues like the sewers can be your problem if they go wrong. When they do go wrong, you know you’ve got an issue on your hands. If you do have a problem like this, trenchless sewer line repair by Zurn Plumbing can be an absolute savior. It doesn’t cost that much as things don’t tend to go wrong that often. 

Cleaning will also need to be done every day if you want to keep the office in a reasonable state. Some business owners become lazy, hence why cleaning is just not an option for them. But if you have a few members of staff on your team, you could allow everyone to take a few minutes out of their day to spruce the place up a little. As long as they’re being paid, they shouldn’t mind.


There’s more freedom when it comes to non-managed office space. You don’t have to pay monthly bills that they set and there’s no chance of incurring extra costs from electricity bills. With managed office spaces, Wifi, phone and general electricity bills can fluctuate depending on what they want to make you pay each month. It’ll usually be in your contract that they can do this as well, so don’t be surprised if you hit random charges along the way. But with non-managed, you pay what you use and this is usually a lot less than if you were to be in a managed office space.

Some people prefer to just buy an office on it’s own outright somewhere. There are some really unique places all over the world where people choose to work. Some companies use barn conversions, turning them into office spaces and then sell them to business owners like you. If you choose something like this, you’re going to have even more freedom on your hands. However, buying an office outright isn’t for everyone – especially small businesses that don’t have much money. So shop around for non-managed office spaces for rent in your local area.