The new year is a formative time in the business world. New ideas are buzzing around and people are feeling fresh and rejuvenated. In a previous post, we looked at a few of the ways you can make the most of a quiet January. In my humble opinion, any business would benefit from following those pointers.

Taking time out after the busy period is a sure way to get back on track. Of course, this is also a time when many of us think about resolutions and ways to make our lives better. Similarly, you should take the same approach with your business  and think of ways to make it better than last year. 

The majority of us make resolutions and enter the upcoming year with the best of intentions. Making changes helps us feel like we’re working towards our goals and wiping our mistakes clean. You should want that for your business, too. So, let’s look at some of the resolutions from your personal life that could also apply to your business.

Learn a new skill


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Because you have an entrepreneurial spirit, I’m willing to guess that you also feel the craving to learn something new when the new year rolls around. Submissions for evening classes skyrocket as people begin to pursue hobbies and acquire new skills. These new skills often take you into the coming year with a positive, determined frame of mind.

You can apply this theory to your company by signing staff up for a development day, like those offered by Capstone IT. This will ensure your employees feel happier and more prepared to sell. What entrepreneur wouldn’t like that start to the coming year? Equally, you could learn new skills yourself. Go on training days for business owners, or teach yourself how to use a new program. Creating an environment that supports continued learning can make a positive difference within your company’s culture. 

Shed some pounds

lose weight

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After Christmas, the majority of us have a little extra weight to shed. We start the year with healthy eating and detox diets. Chances are, your business could afford to shed a little extra weight, too. If your ordered extra inventory to cover holiday purchases, you may have a fair amount of stock left over from the festive season. In some cases, this won’t be a problem. If you merely ordered extra products, you can find a place to store them and keep selling. But, if that additional stock was festive in any way, it won’t be any good to you now. In an ideal world, you could keep it for next year, but cluttered storerooms for a whole year are no way to go. Get rid of that inventory as soon as possible by offering those items for cheap. If you’re smart with your workings, you can still make a profit.

Replace bad habits with good


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Many of us give up habits such as smoking and take up jogging instead. This is a sentiment which could make a massive difference to your business. Take this chance to look at what isn’t working, or what’s harming operations. It may be that an old, clunky software program is making your life difficult. In that instance, uninstall the old program and replace it with something that works better. Your staff and your business will thank you for it.