There are various challenges for any type of business. While retail might seem a little easier (compared to say, manufacturing complex products or health industries), one of the issues you have is a lot of competition. In retail, it can be difficult to get ahead of your established competition and find your niche as there are so many other businesses around doing a similar thing. One way your business can get ahead is by using the right software. This can save you time, hassle and money and help your business progress the way it should. Here are some useful business software programs for retail companies:


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Customer Relationship Management Software

As a retail business, you will deal directly with customers, so making a good impression is crucial. Equally important is hiring the right staff, or people who are friendly and happy to help in any way they can. Providing them with the right software takes it a step further. CRM software helps you give customers a personal experience in your business, making them feel valued and wanting to come back to shop with you again. The software keeps all of their information together, and enables you to do things like recommend products based on previous purchases, or send voucher codes on their birthday. It’s a nice touch that can help to give your business the edge.

Finance Software

Keeping good records and accounts is absolutely crucial in any business. However, it can be a little trickier, as you’re dealing with payments in cash, on card and if you sell online, via Paypal and other online methods, too. Core banking software can offer an integrated solution and help to keep everything together. That means that you stay on track and in control. It means that come tax return time, it’s easier for your accountant to make sense of things, which should be quicker for them and therefore cheaper for you.

A Live Chat Feature

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular for good reason. It’s quick, convenient, and it allows customers to speak in real time with a real person without the hassle of picking up the phone. When you sell products online, you need a good point of contact, and implementing a live chat feature can help you to sell more products. If a customer has a question or is a little unsure, you can easily clear it up for them. It prevents them from simply clicking off and going to shop with another company instead. Email ticketing systems, social media help, and phone lines are all still vital, but there’s a place in your business for live chat, too.

A Blogging Platform

Blogging is another way you can set yourself apart as a retail business. While lots of businesses have got on board with this, there are plenty that haven’t yet. Blogging can show that you know your stuff in your field. For example, if you sell clothes, you could talk about catwalk shows and celebrity trends. It’s a chance to reference your own products and a blog can also help to boost traffic your website. Your blog can also help gain a loyal following and draw in potential customers.